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Traveling means to open up the sea of opportunities and experiences that await in each site, but to be able to enjoy it is necessary to have and know everything to complete our trip.
In the Casona Jover, we do not just want to provide you with your best hosting or introducing you to Cuban culinary art, but we want to complete every detail of your visit to Cuba with the information and tips that will make your stay a memorable time.


Matt Everett

I strongly recomend to plan every step of your trip to Cuba. From medicines you may need, documents, amount of money and places to exchange it and even kind of clothes to bear according to local weather... leave nothing at random.

Luis Espada

Gracias a mis anfitriones en la Casona Jover por ayudarme a hacer de mi viaje una experiencia más completa. Sus consejos de viaje y sus recomendaciones de sitios para visitar me permitieron conocer la bella Santa Clara.

Lucía Quincoses

Cuba es siempre el sitio al cual deseas volver y si lo haces con un buen plan de viaje, sin dudas disfrutarás todo cuanto este país te brinda.

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