National Ballet of Cuba in La Caridad

On March 1 and 2 at 9:00 p.m, the La Caridad theater will host the presentations of the National Ballet of Cuba. The Cinderella will be the work that will be staged, ballet inspired by the legendary story of the same name and choreographed by the villa Clara Pedro Consuegra.

Also, the exhibition Behind the Curtain of the North American photographer John Rowe will be inaugurated. Students of art education will enjoy a meeting with this cultural institution on February 28.

The first ballerina and assistant director of the BNC, Viengsay Valdés, will be present at the event; the designer Salvador Fernández, and the choreographers Pedro Méndez and Pedro Consuegra. Vanguardia will update the information soon, after the press conference that the main figures of the company will offer on February 28.

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