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Our house has a colonial architecture and was built in 1867. It is composed of living-room, hall, dining room, five rooms with private bathroom, terrace bar, private restaurant, patio with garden of tropical plants and fountain.
Set with baroque and art-deco-style furniture, lamps and paintings it allows you to enjoy a portion of Cuban architectural history, with the amenities of a contemporary hostel.


Located in Santa Clara, our hostel gives you the opportunity to know the historic-city-center Vidal Park, where you can visit La Caridad Theater, the Marquesina (live Cuban music every day starting at 9.30 pm), the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Provincial Art Gallery and other places of interest.
In addition, other sites nearby are: The Plaza del Che, Cultural Center El Mejunje, the City House, Habanos Factory, Railway Station, Tren Blindado Monument, Cubanacán Travel Agency among others.

Historical overview of the Jover family

Our hostel and last name has been part of the history of Santa Clara. This was the home of Dr. Julio Jover Anido, one of the most illustrious personalities of the 19th century in the city. Notable educator and prestigious meteorologist, was a pioneer of this science in the territory.
The ties of our family also join us to another of the best known names of Santa Clara: Doña Marta Abreu de Estévez, the Benefactor of the city, creator of works as La Caridad Theater and whose name it’s proudly beared by our University, the Central University Marta Abreu de los Villas, the third house of high studies in Cuba.
Being in our hostel, it’s a unique experience to enjoy a pleasant stay, accommodations of good service, amenities and history pages that will allow you to know from first-hand this portion in the middle of Cuba.

Diogo Dos Santos

Puedo estar en un hotel en cualquier otro país, así que si puedo quedarme en una casa y conocer a la gente de Cuba, prefiero hacerlo y la Casona Jover me brinda esta oportunidad.

Phillip Buvoir

I recomend you to visit this place. Best hostal in Santa Clara. Also the best Cuban food LOL.

Nicole Carson

This is a hostal to rest and be in touch with the wonderful Cuban people. Fantastic stay! Thanks for our kidness.

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